Interested in crochet or want to learn to crochet, it is one of my favourite pastimes and a very fulfilling craft that can be very easy to learn, it doesn’t matter whether you are a total beginner to crochet or  a very accomplished crocheter there are always new designs to be learnt from making toys to trying out patterns for gourmet food or different stitches.

Perhaps you were taught by a grandmother or aunty when you were little (I was) but have now forgotten some of the basic techniques, it is very simple to pick it up again and learn even with step by step photo guides.  

Ok you know the basics and can make a blanket but why not try something with that extra bit of difficulty like a dress or coat for the newborn or some useful items for the home.

Crochet is such a rewarding but simple craft to learn, so why not give it a go.

How Do You Crochet